Our Team

All our services is backed up by a professional support team who works 24/7  to monitor and troubleshoot any problem may occur and affect your website.


You may have noticed that we do things a little differently around here. There's a reason for that. NaKaF Host is owned by its employees. We're a tight-knit family and we're not looking to sell out to investors

We own and mange our servers in a reliable data centers across the United States to guarantee more than 99.9% uptime for the network and servers.

We provide hybrid platform as windows server 2003 and red hat 9 Linux to be meet different administration and operation requirments

Vision And Mission

Our Vision We will provide effective web hosting services and solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the Region,to pursue and achieve excellence.

Our Mission We will build a leading, profitable, service-oriented organization that consistently delivers innovative solutions and reliable services. We will maintain an exciting, challenging, high-energy working environment that encourages original thinking.